Google+ Lablun's Stitch Art: August 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lacy Hoop Crochet Earrings

    Click Here For Video Tutorial


    Size 7 / 1.65 mm Crochet Hook

    Size 10 Crochet Thread                                                                                                           
    Any size pair of Earring Hoops

    Tapestry Needle

    Fabric Stiffener (I use Stiffy made by Plaid)

    Instructions: Row 1
    1. Attach crochet thread to earring hoop
    2. Single Crochet (sc) 5 stitches onto your earring hoop
    3. From this point on sc stitches onto your earring hoop in (groups of 7) until you have covered your earring hoop with the desired amount of crochet thread

    Row 2
    1. Turn
    2. chain (ch) 3
    3. Single Crochet (sc) in 2nd stitch,
    4. (skip 1 st, slip st (sl st) in the next st) 3 times,
    5. sc and ch 3 in the next st,
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to the end of round 2 ending with a slip st in the last stitch
    7. ch 1, turn

    Row 3
    1. sc 7 times in the next chain 3 loop
    2. sl st in the next two stitches
    3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the entire round ending with 7 sc's in the last ch 3 loop
    4. sl st onto the hoop at the end of round and tie off


    Using a tapestry needle, weave in thread tails.
    As an option to make your earrings permanent, coat both 
    sides with a fabric stiffener and allow to dry for several hours.