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Monday, December 1, 2014

Tubular (Spiral) Bead Crochet
Tutorial Instructions

Click Here: For Video Tutorial

This tutorial is for the absolute beginner crocheter. If you can 

single crochet, then you can make beautiful pieces of bead jewelry 

with the tubular bead crochet method. 

In this 3-part tutorial you will learn tubular bead crochet using a simple 5-Step process.

Part 1: Demonstration on how to tubular bead crochet on an existing tube.

Part 2: Demonstration on how to finish the last round of a bead crochet tube.

Part 3: Demonstration on how to start a new bead crochet tube.

Materials required:

Size 7mm steel crochet hook

Size 6 seed beads

Ceylon thread. 

You can also use size 10 regular cotton crochet thread. I use Ceylon thread because it is stronger.